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Please make sure you meet our membership criteria before applying. If you during your application you chose to pay via PayPal and your approved is refused for failing to meet the membership criteria, we will subsequently refund you membership fees via PayPal. If you chose to provide via bank details, we will provide those via email after reviewing your application.

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    You need to work in the financial services industry in the UK and be of Hellenic origin to be eligible. Please provide your LinkedIn page where possible to help us ensure you meet our membership criteria. In addition, you will be required to provide a proposer and seconder that are both HBA-UK Members.
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    Please refer to our membership page for details if you are unsure which level to select.
    Individual Associate Membership is open to professionals and/or academics who work in sectors relevant to the financial services industry but are not directly involved.
    Individual Regular Membership are eligible to vote, hold office, and enjoy all benefits. You must be based in the UK and work in the financial services industry to apply.
    You must have worked for at least 15 years in the financial services industry and/or reached the level of Managing Director/Partner to qualify.
    Corporate Membership starts from £1,500 and is subject to availability and open to organisations who are interested in supporting progress in Greece and beyond. If your organisation is interested in becoming a Corporate Member please contact us to find out more.

    You will be able to complete the payment after you have confirmed your e-mail address.