HBA-UK Citizenship – Giving back to Greece

Dear Members & Friends,

After mentoring and providing masterclasses in Finance for Reload Greece in first half of 2017, HBA-UK continues its Citizenship initiatives giving back to Greece via the Bodossakis Foundation.

Please see below two interesting initiatives and register your interest. We will continue our key themes throughout 2017 as recently announced by the Chairman of HBA-UK – mentoring, networking, connecting

Bodossakis Foundation- if interested, please contact us

Could you be a mentor for a social initiative? 

The Bodossaki Foundation’s new capacity building hub ‘Social Dynamo’ is a space for empowering civil society, focusing on learning, professional support and networking. To support this work, the Bodossaki Foundation has established a network of pro bono mentors who support civil society groups and organisations in achieving their goals, by enabling them to learn new skills and knowledge from highly qualified professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. As mentors, the professionals offer one meeting per month in order to support a group/organisation to achieve a specific goal that it has identified as a priority for its work.

Because of the high demand for this service, Bodossakis Foundation are now ready to expand our mentoring team. Potential mentors must have at least 5 years’ professional experience in a relevant field, including but not limited to including management and financial management, human resources, communications, marketing, law and accountancy.

Would you like to support rural Greece and help it grow?

If you love Greece and want to help people stay in the countryside and develop the land’s unique potential the “Thought for Food” Programme  gives you the opportunity to support farmers, small businesses and cooperatives, living in different regions in Greece and active in the production of Greek products such as olives, honey, fruit and vegetables, aromatic plants and husbandry. The programme provides much-needed education, training and cutting-edge biotechnological research to strengthen the aforementioned sectors at all stages, from production to processing, exporting and marketing. In this effort, the Bodossaki Foundation has partnered with the American Farm School and the Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) at the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Thessaloniki. You can learn more about “Thought for Food” by clicking here or/and watching this video.

Register now your interest by emailing us

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HBA UK Executive Committee